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Renovating Your Home to Sell? Consider a New Roof

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Renovating Your Home to Sell? Consider a New Roof

Imagine this scenario: you’ve renovated and remodeled your home to get it ready to sell and have gotten a lot of interest. You’ve even got the buyer in the palm of your hand. They’ve viewed your house and are falling in love with it. That is, until they ask the question, when was this roof installed? It stops you dead in your tracks. An old roof that’s due for a replacement is a sure way to kill a sale. There are all sorts of reasons why you might decide to renovate your home, but if you want to sell it, then a roof replacement is your best bet. If you want to update how it looks, a brand-new roof will look practical and presentable. A lot of factors will affect the value of your home – but the roof is one of the biggest. 


Put yourself in the position of a home buyer. Would you consider a house that has a nice interior but needs an entire roof repair within the next few years, or a fixer-upper that has a recently installed and leak-proof roof? After a buyer has shelled out the money for a down payment, they won’t necessarily have any leftover funds for a roof repair. This can be the deciding factor in the sale of a home. Most buyers will opt for the house with structural integrity and a mechanism to prevent water damage, even if it’s less attractive. If you’re remodeling to increase the value of your home, then investing in a new roof will provide a great ROI


One of the biggest advantages of a roof renovation is that it prevents future damage. A faulty roof can allow water to leak into your home, causing structural issues and mold growth. Appraisers know this, buyers know this – with a worn-down structure, your house will stick out as one that needs repairs, soon. The main reason that ceilings fall apart is due to water build-up. The best roof design will give you the highest value and keep your investment intact. Tar and gravel roofs are affordable, but not necessarily the most waterproof. Due to their design, water can leak through the layers and seep into your home. Some modern homes are topped with metal roofs, which are expensive but long-lasting. Your roof must be well-insulated, regardless of the material that you choose. Insulation will assist with moisture management – it creates a barrier between your roof structure and the elements.


Trying to increase the value of your home? Even if you spend a fortune on new floors, fresh paint, and sparkling granite countertops, your hard work will be overshadowed by a faulty roof. A buyer will appreciate cosmetic changes, but what they really want is a house they don’t have to worry about. Specifically, one with a structure that won’t need renovations in the next few years. A visit from an appraiser or home inspector will include inquiries about the health of your roof, like how many repairs it’s had, how well it’s been maintained, and when it was installed. Avoid these questions and increase your home’s value by remodeling your roof. The total cost of this project can sometimes throw renovators for a loop, but they must consider the value that it provides. If it makes the difference between a sale and a house that sits on the market for months, then your investment will pay off. A remodeled roof will save your belongings from water damage – you won’t have to hold your breath whenever there’s a major storm. 


Afraid of a leaky roof? You aren’t the only one. Prospective buyers will be interested to know when your roof was installed and how well it’s been maintained. Common roofing problems stand between you and your dream offer. If a roof is poorly installed or needs imminent repairs, prospective buyers will turn into dissatisfied visitors. You can prevent minor issues from turning into major expenses by having your home maintained annually. 


The success of your remodel is closely linked to the integrity of your roof – all your work will fall to the wayside if it has serious issues. If you want to remodel your house, start with the structure itself. Doing so will save you from expensive repairs and dissuaded buyers. While it might be more aesthetically pleasing to give your home an interior makeover, the roof is what matters. Your new hardwoods will go to waste if they suffer water damage from a leak up above.